about arcs

We are a small charity, founded by parents of children with ADHD, and supported by local professionals

Our mission is to engage, equip and enlighten Lambeth parents, children and young people affected by ADHD and other neurological conditions

Currently we are working on:

  • Running training days for professionals including schools, youth workers and the police

  • Discussing future parent support services with Lambeth commissioners

  • Producing information for families 

  • Exploring an offer for young people


Who are we?

Maggie Owolade, parent and ARCS director 

Max Davie, consultant paediatrician and chair 

Kate Cheesman, ADHD specialist nurse

Jane Anderson, child and adolescent psychiatrist 

Chris Abbott, child and adolescent psychiatrist 

Michele Reilly, co-ordinator Lambeth ADHD support group

Jacques Beaupierre, treasurer for ARCS