Treatment options can vary between each child and family depending on what their needs are. The service who carried out the assessment should have a conversation about treatment with you and your family 

They may suggest starting a group-based, ADHD-focused parent training or education programme. Being offered a parent training and education programme does not mean you have been a bad parent – it aims to teach you ways of helping yourself and your child. If this hasn't been offered, then you can also self-refer onto a programme by following this link here

We think it is really important that any information about diagnosis is shared with school. This way we can ensure that the child is getting the right support for their needs. Lambeth IASS is a great service that offers advice on education and getting support plans in place 

Medication may also be offered, to find out more about medication check out the webinars here, the local CAMHS offer a session specifically about medication 

Knowledge really is power- your healthcare professional may have recommended some information. Again, check out the webinars on ADHD 

In Lambeth we have a great parent support network- click here for more details