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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Kids with ADHD are full of energy, and even if there’s no space to run, climb and jump, they’ll often do it anyway! So for younger kids, there’s very little need to emphasise the value of exercise, as they will get what they can!

But what might not be obvious is the value of exercise for behaviour after exercising. As long as the child had had a decent (5-10 minute) run around, and had consciously wound down again(deep breaths), then they will usually concentrate better, and be less hyperactive.

So exercise is important not just for young children on nice days, but also: In bad weather. Go to the park with some spare trousers and a coat. After all, slides are faster when they’re wet!

Before and during school. Waking briskly to school is a great way to ensure the child is ready. In between lessons, schools should try movement breaks, which, depending on the child, may be quick stretches or a dash round the playground.

For older children and adolescents. It becomes less socially acceptable to be dashing about when children get older, but the benefits of exercise continue into adolescence, and building exercise into the young person’s day, with sports, cycling or running, can still have huge benefits.

By the way, anything done with screens doesn’t count. No, not even Wii fit.

Exercise isn’t easy, especially in a highly urbanized environment like Lambeth, but it’s a (mostly) free treatment with no side effects! So go for it!


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