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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Please find some useful resources below from the Richmond ADHD Support Group for children and adults experiencing anxiety during lockdown.    We are heartened by the generosity of spirit and the resilience of our communities in lockdown, as we know it continues to be a difficult time for many people. Although the lockdown is slowly easing, we see a new normal unfolding with the continued need for social distancing. We'd like to share here with you a useful resource on the lockdown that has a wealth of ideas.  Tamsin Owen and Gemma Armstrong, led a webinar on Managing Anxiety, which was very practical. Here are some take aways from the webinar: 

  • Understand anxiety in your child – Keep a chart to see what triggered anxiety i.e. what occurred before, what happens when your child is anxious, what happens after

  • Talk to your child, show empathy for their feelings, and then build resilience – Encourage children to understand that their worry is legitimate but steer them to positive thoughts.

  • Support with calming activities – Utilise a selection of calming strategies such as five finger breathing exercise, physical activity or create a calming box to mention a few.

ADHD Richmond have put together some more resources on both understanding and supporting anxiety in children and adults. You can access this through the link below. Read more

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